The Career in Your Suitcase Way

Group program

For those who gave up their job/career to relocate

and are wondering: What now? What to do next?

The Career in Your Suitcase Way is made up of 4 elements and is designed to get accompanying partners started on their way. This group program supports accompanying partners to find the balance in their professional, as well as personal life, and guides them through the journey of discovering their passion, identifying their skills and reflecting on how these – together – can help them craft a meaningful career for themself, anywhere in the world.


On the Career in Your Suitcase Way participants:

  • inventory what’s in their suitcase
  • develop a network of support for the journey
  • widen their range of opportunity
  • learn to use serendipity to create possibility
  • build confidence and clarity of purpose
  • create a personal career navigation system to guide their choices

Designed by Colleen Reichrath-Smith, and based on the book she co-authored with Jo Parfitt, this program equips and empowers accompanying partners with a personal framework to navigate their career across international borders, occupational boundaries and changing times.

In two months and in a group of 6 to 8 fellow ‘travellers’ The Career in Your Suitcase Way provides accompanying partners with what they need to pack or re-pack for their own unique, portable career.


The Program’s Four Elements


 Reach for the Sky

This kick-off workshop provides a “focused starting point” for the program. In the 3- hour workshop participants:

  • create a vision to guide
  • commit to their own goals for following the program
  • get to know their travelling companions in the program

“This session was inspiring. Great start. “

The Reach for the Sky workshop helped me to see a vision of my future… I’ve never seen it so clearly before.”


15 Steps to
A Career in Your Suitcase

The Career in Your Suitcase Workbook guides participants in 15 Steps to:

  • look back and collect and archive where they’ve been
  • look in and gather the insights that will guide their efforts when they
  • look up to decide which options to investigate further

“I loved the structure of the workbook – the step by step process really helped me to organize my thoughts and to put the pieces of my career-puzzle together.”


Six Blue Sky Groups

We believe that this journey is to be taken with others. As a result these peer support groups are an essential part of the program. The groups are guided by one of our Career in Your Suitcase Coaches.

“The Blue Sky Groups were amazing and very inspiring – it was so nice and empowering to experience how much the the group members can support each other.”


Individual Support

To help participants keep their momentum while following the program, a 1:1 coaching session is included with one of our certified coaches.

“I think the coaching session is invaluable, because it’s… difficult to see things through long term. The coaching session provides you the tools and feedback to do so in the way best suited to you.”

Support your company’s accompanying partners to answer the ‘what’s next’ question for their careers.

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