Did you leave your career behind when you first moved abroad or did it get lost in transit?

Is your professional identity still bubble-wrapped and waiting for the moment you locate the perfect spot?

Do you long to get involved in something meaningful that is just for you and puts the mojo back into your life?

Create Your Own
Career in Your Suitcase

increase your awareness of who you are and your personal themes

develop a network of support for the journey

widen your range of opportunity

I went to discover new career opportunities but I found a new lifestyle for myself. Now, I think of career opportunities as the lifestyle that suits me best not as common job application.

Career in Your Suitcase Participant 2013

Life is too short not to be doing what I like and am good at and it is fine to make mistakes. That truly was my biggest gift from [A Career in Your Suitcase]. I wish for people in my network to have this possibility as well… This changes the way people look at careers in general and that is a great thing.I believe it gives people more peace of mind in their choices.

Career in Your Suitcase Way Participant 2015

A Career in Your Suitcase gave me an invaluable framework to explore my next career move and desired lifestyle.

Coaching Client 2016

create a personal framework to guide your choices

learn to use serendipity to create possibility

build confidence and clarity of purpose

Here’s how we can support YOUR career

Group Program


The group program is facilitated by our certified coaches and available in person or online.

The group helps each other keep 'going to the gym', enriching the learning and insights.

More about the program

Individual Coaching

Our coaches are certified and all have international career experience.

Coaches support clients to create their own Career in Your Suitcase, like a personal trainer supports clients to achieve their fitness goals.


Meet the Coaches

Self-Guided Book

Inspiring, practical and full of exercises to clarify and advice to guide.

Discounted bulk orders and branded copies are possible.

A great place to get started at your own pace and explore your options. 


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