Take charge of your career

using the

Career in Your Suitcase Way

Group program

What will I end up with?

  • Clarity on the red threads of my career
  • The solid foundation to find and create personally meaningful work opportunities, including the raw materials for a strong CV and interview presentation
  • A network of support providing confidence and motivation to find my opportunities
  • Shared and gained inspiration, insights and experience with my fellow participants
  • Copies of A Career in Your Suitcase and the Career in Your Suitcase Workbook – 15 Steps to Reinventing Yourself

How does it work?

  • 18 hours of live facilitated webinar sessions led by certified career professionals over seven weeks
  • Work through the 15 steps in the Career in Your Suitcase Workbook at your own pace in your own time
  • Small group size allows interaction and personalised attention
  • The group provides the network needed for support, dialogue and discussion during your career transition and work search process
  • The group provides accountability for what you commit to yourself in this process

“I started the Career in Your Suitcase Way program very unsure about what to do next. [Now] I feel in control and although everything is mostly uncertain, especially as I am repatriating back to my home country, I am ok with facing uncertainty as I have recognised what is most important to me, what is nice to have and that I have control about what happens to me next regardless of location etc.

…my confidence in myself and my skills has increased since I started the course and that has helped the others. The weight of the world is no longer weighing me down!”

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Accompanying Partner; Previous Business Controls Risk and Compliance Manager, Telefónica UK Limited

“I met Colleen when doing the Career in Your Suitcase Way program in Delft, The Netherlands. What I got of my communication with Colleen in the program then and since, is inspiration, courage, peacefulness and drive. I encourage everyone to do this program with Colleen at some point in their lives. Her approach is helpful in focusing and setting goals for your future.” 

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Helga Stina

Travel Planner, Iceland Unwrapped, www.helgastina.com

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