The Career in Your Suitcase Way

Your solution to expat partner career support

As an HR mobility leader you understand your company’s investment in international assignments and their success is a primary goal of yours. If an international assignment is going awry, this is very often because your employee’s partner is struggling (see BGRTS report 2016).

Would you like to find a win-win proposition that requires minimal company investment, yet pays great dividends in terms of providing a group support network for expat partners where-in they create viable options for themselves? 

If this is a priority for you as an HR mobility leader and you need to take action, our group program is an effective way to address this.

Program participants learn to take charge of their own career in a group with others who also have an unconventional career path. 

Program Deliverables:

  • Clarity on the red threads of their unconventional life and career journey
  • A support system to spark their motivation
  • The solid foundation to find and create personally meaningful work opportunities
  • Their unique details for a strong CV and interview presentation
  • A practiced pitch

Facilitated by certified career professionals who have also taken their career across borders. 

The Program’s Elements

Workbook + Book

The Career in Your Suitcase Workbook guides participants in 15 Steps to:

  • look back and collect and archive where they’ve been
  • look in and gather the insights that will guide their efforts when they
  • look up to decide which options to investigate further

Participants also receive an e-reader copy of A Career in Your Suitcase, 4th edition.

“I loved the structure of the workbook – the step by step process really helped me to organize my thoughts and to put the pieces of my career-puzzle together.”

Group Support

We believe that this journey is to be taken with others who also have an unconventional career path. The group sessions are an essential part of the program providing broader perspectives and the awareness there are more people out there experiencing similar challenges. 

“The groups were amazing and very inspiring – it was so nice and empowering to experience how much the the group members can support each other.”

Certified Facilitators

Our accredited coaches have extensive international work experience. We capably teach the career development process required by accompanying partners and those on globally mobile career paths.

I felt you really understood the position of being an accompanying spouse and an expat and the challenge of remaining yourself when faced with the multitude of new roles that expat living presents.”

Supporting your company’s accompanying partners to address the ‘what’s next’ question for their careers will provide dividends for your companies recruitment and retention of internationals.