The Career in Your Suitcase Way

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  • Clarity on the red threads of my career
  • The solid foundation to find and create personally meaningful work opportunities, including the raw materials for a strong CV and interview presentation
  • A network for support, dialogue and discussion during your career transition and work search process
  • Confidence and motivation to find my opportunities
  • Shared and gained inspiration, insights and experience with my fellow participants
  • Copies of A Career in Your Suitcase and the Career in Your Suitcase Workbooks – 15 Steps to Reinventing Yourself and 10 More Steps to Get it Rolling


  • Facilitated by international certified career professionals
  • Bi-weekly live webinar sessions for up to one year
  • Work through the 25 steps in the Career in Your Suitcase Workbooks at your own pace in your own time
  • Recommended time investment: 1 hour for the weekly webinar session plus individual preparation time per week based on your availability
  • Small group size allows interaction and personalised attention
  • The group provides accountability for what you commit to yourself in this process
  • Once you register you will receive an individual 30 minute exploratory session.
  • The program starts with a one-hour live kick-off session following which you will join the bi-weekly live webinars

Program Details

Time: Mondays 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. CET or Tuesdays 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. CET 

Price: 997 EUR excluding VAT, payable in one payment or four instalments

YOUR FACILITATORSHenriette Wentholt, CPCC-PCC & Colleen Reichrath-Smith, GCDF

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I started the Career in Your Suitcase Way program very unsure about what to do next. [Now] I feel more comfortable about accepting my situation just to see what happens next.  I feel in control and although everything is mostly uncertain, especially as I am repatriating back to my home country, I am ok with facing uncertainty as I have recognised what is most important to me, what is nice to have and that I have control about what happens to me next regardless of location etc.

I know I have a core set of skills and values which I can apply to the situation I am in and I don’t have to keep ‘reinventing the wheel’ just learn to adapt and stay true to myself. The weight of the world is no longer weighing me down!

I will definitely be recommending the CIYS way to fellow repats and expats on my journey.  

I felt you really understood the position of being an accompanying spouse and an expat and the challenge of remaining yourself when faced with the multitude of new roles that expat living presents.


Accompanying Partner, Previous Business Controls Risk and Compliance Manager, Telefónica UK Limited

I met Colleen when doing the Career in Your Suitcase Way program in Delft, The Netherlands. My firm is a result of that wonderful, inspiring program led by Colleen. What I got of my communication with Colleen in the program then and since, is inspiration, courage, peacefulness and drive. I encourage everyone to do this program with Colleen at some point in their lives. Her approach is helpful in focusing and setting goals for your future.”

Helga Stina

Travel Planner, Iceland Unwrapped

I was able to clear away the many clouds blocking my vision to what I wanted out of my career. I have focus, and project management tools to help me get what I want out of my career.

Career in Your Suitcase Way Program Participant

…thank you for helping me find a different passion… it was so obvious to figure it out when I did your workshop but at the same time hiding in plain sight, my deepest, oldest passion.


Real Estate Broker

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