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Once you have A Career in Your Suitcase in your toolkit as a career coach or trainer, you have a proven resource to support others to learn to ‘reinvent’ themselves and find their way forward in their lives and careers within a community of support.

Our tools  free you up to do more of what you love – supporting your clients.

What we believe
We believe:

  • A Career in Your Suitcase is the unique balance of paid and unpaid work and personal life roles, including work, learning and leisure activities that you take with you and adapt from one location to another. It can take various forms including a series of projects or portfolios.
  • Careers unfold over time and are revealed over time.
  • There is no such thing as a wrong career choice.
  • A career crisis is really a crisis of imagination; the inability to imagine a situation/career other than the one you are currently in.
  • The key to creating a portable career is being able to look inside to what is important to you, what you can do and then looking outside to your current situation to find the opportunities that work for your lifestyle, and this time and place in your career.
  • Careers are created in collaboration and dialogue with our global and local networks.
  • A willingness to engage wherever you find yourself, an attitude of openness to exploration and unexpected opportunity, the ability to step into the ‘unknown’ and find your way and the ability to adapt to new information and situations are essential to a successful Career in Your Suitcase.
  • The Career in Your Suitcase Way is ongoing – it will continue as long as you continue to grow and develop and move over the course of your life. That’s why the skills needed to develop a Career in Your Suitcase are life skills in this age of global mobility, rapid changes in the labour market and economy, and technology. They enable you to work from almost anywhere in the world on your own terms.

If you as a coach or career trainer also believe this, then the Career in Your Suitcase Way is a tool that will compliment your approach.

Why use our tools to support your coaching?
Why use our tools to support your coaching?

  • Spend more time changing lives and less time recruiting clients
  • Be associated with our proven and recognized brand that has been supporting accompanying partners since 1998
  • Generate additional coaching clients and spend less time on client acquisition with our second workbook and collective marketing support.
  • Join and collaborate with the CIYS coaching community to provide solutions for accompanying partners
  • Teach ‘career skills’ to accompanying partners to equip them to create their best career journey
  • Be part of the movement to empower and equip accompanying partners


Our shared values
Our coaches are

  • are resourceful, collaborative and helpful in their approach, operating from the principle of abundance
  • cheerful, optimistic and flexible ideas people who inspire hope
  • enthusiastic, ethical and committed to serving clients
  • qualified and capable to coach clients using the CIYS Workbook


What our coaches receive
As a Career in Your Suitcase Coach you will receive

  1. Everything you need to use the Career in Your Suitcase Workbook Part 1 effectively with clients
  • One-day coach training to use the CIYS Workbook to teach clients to be able to achieve and live their dreams.
  • Coaches’ manual for using the CIYS Workbook
  • Starter’s packge of 8 CIYS Workbooks Part 1, exclusively available to CIYS Coaches and CIYSW Facilitators for €28 per book
  • 8 CIYS books, 4th, at a special coaches’ rate of €15 per book
  1. Everything you need to promote the CIYS Workbook to generate clients
  • Listing as a coach on the CIYS website
  • Link from the CIYS website to yours
  • CIYS Coach Logo to place on your own site
  • CIYS Workbook bookmarks
  • Marketing tips sheet
  • Guest post on CIYS blog, Facebook page
  • Social Media content to share
Our commitment to You
Ongoing Support from CIYS

  • CIYS Marketing on behalf of CIYSWF
    • CIYSW advertising on websites and social media
    • CIYSW corporate package offers
    • CIYS speaking engagements promoting CIYSW
  • Support to register participants
    • Online calendar through the CIYS website
    • Online booking through the CIYS website
  • Client retention support
    • Additional CIYSW modules
    • Newsletter, blog
    • Weekly motivator messages from CIYS
  • Product updates
  • Skype support of two hours twice per year from CIYS
  • CIYSW facilitators community with monthly Skype sessions and annual webinars and every 3 years an in-person refresher/update training

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