Take charge of your career

using the

Career in Your Suitcase Way

Group program

Does the question, “What’s next for my career?” feel overwhelming?

Has everything you’ve tried so far not produced the results you were hoping for?

Do you keep coming up against dead ends and barriers?

Or are you ready for change and not sure where to start?

The Career in Your Suitcase group program will provide you with the foundation and insights to build your career forwards from where you now are. It equips and empowers you to pioneer and navigate your personally meaningful career path. Even though you’re smart and have great experience, doesn’t mean that you can do this alone. We invite you to consider learning the Career in Your Suitcase Way to navigate your career.

In their own words, why the Career in Your Suitcase Way program

 was worth their time and effort:

“The Career in Your Suitcase Way Program was a great and powerful tool for my career transition.

My husband and I talked a lot about the process, and he was also delighted to see the enthusiasm and the change in attitude towards the search for a new beginning. When the journey with the group was finished, I was sure it was more than a deep dive into my inner self, it was a great investment in my future! ” Karen

Project Manager, Danone

“I started the Career in Your Suitcase Way program very unsure about what to do next. [Now] I feel in control and although everything is mostly uncertain, I am ok with facing uncertainty as I have recognised what is most important to me, what is nice to have and that I have control about what happens to me next regardless of location etc.

…my confidence in myself and my skills has increased since I started the course. The weight of the world is no longer weighing me down! Deborah

Accompanying Partner; Previous Business Controls Risk and Compliance Manager, Telefónica UK Limited

I was able to clear away the many clouds blocking my vision to what I wanted out of my career. I have focus, and project management tools to help me get what I want out of my career.” Program Participant

Career in Your Suitcase Way

You can read more testimonials here

Who is it for?

  • Your career path does not fit easily into a standard CV
  • You have experienced a career ‘interruption’ and don’t know which way to go from here
  • You are looking for a personally meaningful career that balances well with the rest of your life
  • You are ready to take the steps needed to create the solid foundation upon which to build your career forward

What will you end up with?

  • The solid foundation to find and create personally meaningful work opportunities
  • Your unique details for a strong CV and interview presentation
  • A practiced pitch for networking, your LinkedIn profile and bio
  • network for support, dialogue and discussion during your career transition and work search process
  • Confidence and motivation to find you opportunities
  • Shared and gained inspiration, insights and experience with your fellow participants
  • Copies of A Career in Your Suitcase and the Career in Your Suitcase Workbook
  • Clarity on the red threads of your unconventional career and life journey

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The Career in Your Suitcase Way program is

Live facilitated group support

The workbook

Ongoing support for your transition

The empowering and equipping curriculum has five modules to get your Career in Your Suitcase Rolling:

1. Look Back

Take steps to gain insight into

  • What you can do well
  • What you like to do
  • What your experiences have taught you
  • What you believe about the world related to opportunities and career
  • What makes you feel confident
  • Sources of energy for the steps ahead

2. Look Inside

Take steps to gain insight into

  • What and where you are naturally curious to explore
  • The values that guide your choices and how you want to live
  • How your skills and interests can be mixed together in different combinations and quantities
  • An overview of how others see your qualities and what opportunities in which they think you would excel
  • What your experiences, skills, training, education, interests and hobbies look like when you compile them in one place

3. Look Around

Take steps to gain insight into

  • The patterns that bring you joy and satisfaction
  • How your vision is being influenced and given more shape by the STEPS you have already taken
  • Combining your skills and interests to generate new ideas
  • What you need your career to provide you
  • Your own filter to assess what options are more suited to you
  • Where you need to generate more information to know what option you want to pursue further.

4. Look Up

Take steps to gain insight into

  • The missing pieces of information you need to be able to make a choice
  • Your entrepreneurial characteristics
  • What the market is looking for
  • Who you plan to serve as a client
  • The words to express your why and interest people in what you are offering

5. Look Forward

Take steps to gain insight into

  • How taking action in small steps is needed to create momentum and generate the insights you need to continue moving ahead
  • Choosing a focus allows you to continue to move forward
  • What elements you need to include for your own recipe for success
  • Key messages you will repeat to yourself to keep the critic on your shoulder at bay
  • How to let others know about your focus
  • The need to allow your direction to adapt and grow based on what you learn along the way

How does it work?

  • Live facilitated sessions led by certified career professionals
  • Work through the Career in Your Suitcase Workbook with the support of the group and facilitators
  • Small group size allows interaction and personalised attention
  • The ongoing group support for up to one year provides the network needed for inspiration, dialogue and discussion during your career transition and work search process
  • The group provides accountability for what you commit to yourself in this process

Who will be facilitating the program?

Colleen Reichrath
Global Career Development Facilitator

Colleen has taken her career on an international adventure from Canada to the Netherlands, is co-creator of this program and co-author of A Career in Your Suitcase. Read what others have said about Colleen and the program here.

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Get a Taste of the Career in Your Suitcase Way

Join the What's Next for Your Career FREE live online webinar

Explore your options in a complimentary 30 minute session

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