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I started the Career in Your Suitcase Way program very unsure about what to do next.  I have reached a crossroads as an accompanying spouse and mother of young children plus still wanting to be the professional career woman that I have put on hold.  Over the 6 weeks I realised I was on a journey to discover who I was and to appreciate how others perceive and value me rather than focus on all the labels I had attached to myself.  It was extremely uncomfortable asking for feedback and really analysing myself and not focusing on just my professional persona.  I feel very vulnerable looking at me rather than the professional persona.  However now I have begun to do that I am feeling so much happier in myself.  I feel more comfortable about accepting my situation just to see what happens next.  I feel in control and although everything is mostly uncertain, especially as I am repatriating back to my home country, I am ok with facing uncertainty as I have recognised what is most important to me, what is nice to have and that I have control about what happens to me next regardless of location etc.

I know I have a core set of skills and values which I can apply to the situation I am in and I don’t have to keep ‘reinventing the wheel’ just learn to adapt and stay true to myself.

I recently attended my last meeting with [my career support group] and one of the comments that stuck with me was that my confidence in myself and my skills has increased since I started the course and that has helped the others as I have been sharing advice and anecdotes as well as giving my opinion.  The feedback surprised me and I thought about it and realised they are right.  I am feeling happier being me and so feel able to listen and help others.  The weight of the world is no longer weighing me down!

I will definitely be recommending the CIYS way to fellow repats and expats on my journey.  The fact that you can do the course online means that international locations are not a factor!

Finally I would like to thank you Colleen.  I felt you really understood the position of being an accompanying spouse and an expat and the challenge of remaining yourself when faced with the multitude of new roles that expat living presents.


Accompanying Partner; Previous Business Controls Risk and Compliance Manager, Telefónica UK Limited

I was able to clear away the many clouds blocking my vision to what I wanted out of my career. I have focus, and project management tools to help me get what I want out of my career.
Career in Your Suitcase Way Program Participant, Fall 2015

Accompanying Partner, Delft, the Netherlands

The Career in Your Suitcase Way Program was a great and powerful tool for my career transition. After years in the same company and moving abroad, it was time to step out, and I started looking for professional support to help me through this journey. In our first interview I already appreciated Colleen’ skills and how quick she was able to reach a perfect match between my need and her offering.
Through this wonderful journey I was constantly encouraged to look into my past decisions, my values and skills and how to apply/organize them towards shaping my future. All the tools provided equipped me with self-understanding, confidence and encouragement to achieve my short term goals and the change I was looking for.
My husband and I talked a lot about the process, and he was also delighted to see the enthusiasm and the change in attitude towards the search for a new beginning. When the journey with the group was finished, I was sure it was more than a deep dive into my inner self, it was a great investment in my future!

Project Manager, Danone

This Career in Your Suitcase journey helped me to rediscover who I am and what I need to do to live a truly fulfilling life. I also realized that this is an ongoing process: you tend to choose the detours sometimes because you are scared to step on the path that takes you closer to your true self. Your gut always tells you what to do (in one sentence) but your rational mind starts to negotiate (long list of bullet points and blah-blah-blah). Self-reflection always helps and the CIYS workbook is a fantastic tool for that.
The biggest gift of the CIYS course is that we still have our wonderful community of women and – as we are sharing an office now – this amazing support is provided on a daily basis.

Freelance Educator and Coach, Judit Rapai

…thank you for helping me find a different passion… it was so obvious to figure it out when I did your workshop but at the same time hiding in plain sight, my deepest, oldest passion.

Real Estate Broker

I met Colleen when doing the Career in Your Suitcase Way program in Delft, The Netherlands. My firm is a result of that wonderful, inspiring program led by Colleen. What I got of my communication with Colleen in the program then and since, is inspiration, courage, peacefulness and drive. I encourage everyone to do this program with Colleen at some point in their lives. Her approach is helpful in focusing and setting goals for your future.”

Helga Stina

Travel Planner, Iceland Unwrapped