Next group starts in May 2017

Returned to the Netherlands with a range of global experience and also a career gap? Keen to reinvent yourself, find out what gives your life meaning again in your home country? Wondering: What now? What to do next? Want to discover what transferable skills you have already collected over the years in your suitcase? Want to take concrete action to create your ‘what’s next’?

The Career in Your Suitcase Way can help! You will learn to see yourself and your career from a new perspective that opens a new world of opportunity for you.



On the Career in Your Suitcase Way you

  • inventory what you have in your suitcase
  • develop a network of support for the journey
  • widen your range of opportunity
  • learn to use serendipity to create possibility
  • build confidence and clarity of purpose
  • create a personal career GPS to guide your choices

Designed by Colleen Reichrath-Smith, and based on the book she co-authored with Jo Parfitt, this program equips and empowers you with a personal framework to navigate your career across international borders, occupational boundaries and changing times.

In ten weeks and in a group of 6 to 8 fellow ‘travellers’ The Career in Your Suitcase Way will provide you with what you need to pack or re-pack for your own unique, portable career.

“The Career in Your Suitcase Way gave me an invaluable framework to explore my next career move and desired lifestyle. The combination of the book, the workbook and the Blue Sky Group sessions provides a great jump start to this exploratory process. The network of people I have met has been a great source of support and motivation.”

“Life is too short not to be doing what I like and am good at and it is fine to make mistakes. That truly was my biggest gift from this course… I think this changes the way people look at careers in general and that is a great thing. I believe it gives people more peace of mind in their choices.”

The Program

Includes the kick-off blue sky workshop, 6 support blue sky groups, a copy of A Career in Your Suitcase®, the new Career in Your Suitcase Workbook: 15 Steps to Reinventing Yourself, access to our closed Facebook Group and an individual coaching session with one of our coaches. The program has places for 6 – 8 people. Read the full program description here.

Henriette Wentholt

Henriette Wentholt

ICF accredited PCC coach & Career in Your Suitcase Way Facilitator

 Colleen Reichrath-Smith

Colleen Reichrath-Smith

GCDF and co-creator of the Career in Your Suitcase Way

Program Dates

The next in-person program starts May 10 and runs on every Wednesday morning from 9:30 – 11:30 with the exception of May 10 which runs from 9:30 – 12:30. Refreshments are provided. Location: Raamweg 4, Den Haag

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