Career Conversations Matter

Does the question, “What’s next for my career?” feel overwhelming?

Has everything you’ve tried so far not produced the results you were hoping for?

Do you keep coming up against dead ends and barriers?

Are you ready for change and not sure where to start?

Known for millenia, there is power and magic in storytelling and being heard. Join me on the second Tuesday of each month online for a 90 minute safe and interactive peer-peer conversation where you will journey from
confusion to clarity
languishing to action
isolation to connection

Through Career Conversations Matter you will

  • Experience that you are not alone in the challenges of navigating career and life choices
  • Create a clarification statement for direction and a next step
  • Develop confidence to take the next step towards what you want
  • Connect with others on the journey and commit with them to follow through

    … got to the heart of who we are and what we want so quickly, without overthinking it. A really supportive community was built– which made this experience feel … magical.

    When Covid hit I just wanted to have meaningful conversations with people. That is when I found Conversations Matter. I invite you to experience the power of human conversation for your own career development using this beautiful, psychologically safe, human experience.

    Colleen Reichrath, HNCP, CJS Career Consulting and co-author Career in Your Suitcase